Community Happenings

Pub Swainswick   first Friday of the month  6.30 – 8.30 pm  so the next pubs will be Friday 1 October, 5 November and 3rd December.   

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A community pub with a full bar including excellent Abbey Ales. A perfect place to meet up with friends and make new ones with occasional live music from local musicians.  Sometimes it is a small gathering which means more chance to chat properly and sometimes it’s lots of people of all ages – in summer spreading out into the churchyard.



 Apple and Art Day at Swainswick church

                    Saturday 23 October

Details to follow but it should be interesting, different and enjoyable
The Beerfest on Saturday 4 September was the best and most enjoyable ever thanks to the amazing organisers Ian and Helen and their many assistants.

Bell Ringing

We normally meet on Thursday evenings, from 7 to 8 pm. Complete beginners, novices and experienced ringers are all very welcome.

For more information please email  or call  07824861091

Cafe Swainswick – has not restarted yet- check school website

In pre-Covid times Cafe Swainswick took place twice  a month on the second and fourth Friday morning in term time,  for people who drop their (older) children  off at school and for anyone who would like a good cup of coffee and with an interest in cakes and community.

Cafe Swainswick

Fair trade tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes. Any profit made is for Swainswick School       

every other Friday morning  in term time     from 9 to 11 am- see also school website




The Guardian news paper had an article by Simon Jenkins asking what happens to its buildings if the church goes online    (Simon Jenkins, Boxing Day 2020)     Swainswick’s response was published (in letters to the Guardian) and here it is:

Open a pub 

For the last seven years, the church in this village has boasted a monthly pop-up pub. As there is no pub or hall here, there was no-one to offend and, from the start, it has been a resounding success, open to anyone, providing a meeting place, and serving the best draught beer.

Candlelit in winter, and spilling into the churchyard in the summer, with numerous children alarming Health and Safety, the popularity of the pub has spawned an annual beer festival.

Inspired by this success, and after three months of building work, the church opened its doors last week in time for the Christmas services; there is now greatly increased space for drinkers, concerts, classes, jamborees and, most importantly, worship. And, although not the original intention, the pub provides an excellent income for the church.

Reverting to the medieval tradition of Church ales may not be the panacea for some churches but it seems to have worked in this case. And the Bishop, who turned up a couple of summers ago, stayed until closing time, so relieved he was to be offered a glass of decent beer rather than a cup of milky coffee.

Elizabeth Charrington      Swainswick, Somerset


Swainswick Parish Council  

For more information about Swainswick, visit the parish council website: