From September Swainswick & Woolley church will no longer have its own priest or vicarage.  We’re glad therefore to welcome Rob Densmore, the rector of the benefice, who will take the communion services. Note the 9 am start for the first Sunday of the month. It’s all a work in progress whilst we find out how our services can best serve our different communities without spreading ourselves too thinly.  So if occasionally a service may have to be changed or cancelled, please be forgiving; unlike the Trinity the Rector can’t be in 3 places at once.


Sunday  12            church on holiday  – no service in Swainswick  

Sunday   19          10.30     communion             Rob      

Sunday  26           10.30     morning prayer       Wilma


Sunday   3            9 am     communion             Rob

Sunday     10      10.30       morning praise        Edward 

  Sunday   17      10.30       communion             Rob     

  Sunday   24      10.30       morning prayer       Rachel 

  Sunday   31      10.30       morning praise    Susanna & All Saints           at Woolley chuch  (no service in Swainswick)                  


Sunday   7        9am       communion     

Sunday   14      10.30       morning praise  Remembrance     Edward

 Sunday   21      10.30       communion       Christ the King  

 Sunday   28      10.30       morning prayer   Advent Sunday  Wilma


Sunday   5        9am       communion     

Sunday   12      10.30       morning praise          Rachel

Or have a look at  the big church in the benefice ( as between us there is plenty of choice and variety.